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Introducing Bodog Poker

Many people who are new to online way of playing poker games are certainly not aware of the process to be followed to play the online games and there comes to their rescue. This website is best recommended for the beginners. This website has been working for over fifteen years and has done exceptionally well in providing some world class poker players over these years.....

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Welcome to, world’s biggest and most explicit poker review site, specializing in OMAHA poker. Here’s your chance to get a glimpse of the lives of world’s biggest poker players, know more about there playing styles and even get to know their winning secrets. Here you will also find reviews of best Omaha sites and casino games online. The site boasts a large number of ‘tips-and-tricks’ and an illustrated game technique, catering to both amateurs and pros alike. If already excited to try your hands on poker then our links will guide you to some of world’s best poker gaming sites.


The world of betting has expanded a lot as it reached internet. Online betting has made it possible for a large number of people to bet on their favorite games without actually having to attend the event or even travel to the city where the event is going on. From football to golf, ice hockey and basketball, it is possible to gamble with

welcome to omaha gamesRemember Joe Hachem taking his first WSOP in 2005 sailing through 5,618 odd competitors with his famous catch phrase “Pass the Sugar” and his accepting the crowd’s greetings between his fans shouting ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi”, or Tom McEvoy’s historical 1983 WSOP win through satellite tournament ??? Want to know why Barry Greenstein is called “Robin hood of Poker” and Chau Giang is the most inspiring player for young poker professionals? And why forget king of poker- Phil Ivey??? Get to know about all of them and many other players on our site.

Whether you are pro or beginner, you will always find yourself in a pool of sites, most of them misleading. It can be real frustration for a beginner to find the best site which teaches you how to play poker and choose between its numerous variations such as Hi-Lo games, limit games, pot limit games and Omaha 8, and can even lead you to losing your interest in the game and same way can be a time wasting job for the pros, but don’t worry!


Our site contains reviews of a huge variety of poker gaming sites, highlighting each specialization and shortcomings. Some of them, as we will suggest are and for beginners and, and others for the real omaha gamers.


Enjoy your visit to your site, we hope that we have been able to bring the best of the  poker world for you but if you think something’s missing or for suggestions, please check out our ‘Contact Us’ section. You can know us better by visiting our About Us section.